Is Winter Finally Over? And If So, What Now?

We’ve actually had a warm day now. Much of the snow is gone–enough that I could get out to assess some of my garden beds. It’s not a pretty sight.

While it’s too early to determine what has lived and what has died, there’s so much debris in the beds it’s discouraging. And the beds are still so wet it will be weeks before I can set a foot in them. I know better than to walk on my heavy clay soil. To do so would be to compact it and to ruin its structure. It’s bad enough that I am walking on the grass at this point more than I should be.

Many of the shrubs have been bent over–if not broken–by the weight of the snow and ice. Luckily I don’t mind pruning. I can’t quite do it yet though, because some of the lower branches are still pinned in the ice.

Some of my most vulnerable things like azaleas may be dead. I think they probably perished last summer in the drought. Then the deer came through and ate what remained of the “sticks.” Clearly they were “wrong plant, wrong place.” I’ll see if there’s a suitable native to replace them with.  They are however, in my Japanese inspired garden so I can’t just plunk anything there. It will require a little thought.  Maybe I’ll leave a blank spot there for a bit.

If the Spoiler permits, the whole bed along the back of the house is getting a redo. I’m guessing something more moderate will actually happen. Stay tuned. But the snow damages that bed every year. Why are we fighting that?

I still can’t quite get to my perennial beds or into my shrub beds to see about my elderberries, hydrangeas and other things that may have taken a hit. I know my roses need a good pruning–I can see some broken canes.

If we can just get some sun, and a bit more warmth, we’ll be in good shape. Then it will be time to whine about the allergies.



3 thoughts on “Is Winter Finally Over? And If So, What Now?

  1. The Chatsworth Lady April 6, 2015 / 10:29 am

    LOL, we are in exactly the same boat! Today is supposed to be nice (finally) but followed by 6 days of rain. 😦

  2. Benjamin April 6, 2015 / 10:47 am

    Wishing you sunny days and surviving perennials! 🙂

  3. gardendaze April 6, 2015 / 11:06 am

    Thank you both for your comments! This will be a challenging spring–as noted above, a single nice day followed by days and days of rain (if not wet snowflakes!) While it does cut down on the flooding risks nicely (we have all sorts of major and minor rivers nearby, not to mention the lake across the street) it makes clean-up a real challenge, especially with heavy clay soil.

    Perhaps this is nature trying to teach patience, something I always can use more of!


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