Organic House Plant Fertilizer

biosafe plant food

At my lecture Monday, I spoke about the wonderful organic plant food that I use for my houseplants.  Of course I had a “Bambi” moment and couldn’t recall the name so I promised to put the name up on my blog.

I’ll do better than that.  Here is the name, of course: BioSafe Plant food (all I could think of was Biofreeze, which I mentioned and said that I didn’t think the plants would benefit from muscle cream!) and the photo of my container.

I described all about how to use it: 1 oz to 2 gallons of water and said that I was using it monthly in the winter since I really shouldn’t be using it right now at all but that once the “season” picked up I would use it more often. I also mentioned that there was a larger, hose end sprayer size. I may order that size next time for when I move all the plants outside.

As the bottle shows, this is good for all types of plants–flowers, fruits, vegetables–there’s nothing you can’t use it on, unlike many of the other fertilizers (or there’s nothing you shouldn’t use it on).

I highly recommend it.  I mail order (or internet order) it directly from the company, which is right here in East Hartford.  I’ve added a link to their “Home and Garden” page.  Should you want to call them, their toll-free number is 1-888-273-3088.

2 thoughts on “Organic House Plant Fertilizer

  1. Tammy Raymond April 1, 2015 / 10:25 am

    Hi. Thanks for the great words. We are so glad you like BioSafe Plant Food. It is an amazing product. I use it at home all time. My indoor African Violets love it.

  2. gardendaze April 1, 2015 / 10:32 am

    Hi Tammy,
    I am always delighted to talk about and recommend organic products and I can’t rave enough about Biosafe (although I do seem to have an issue with the name–I’ll have to travel with the container!) I love that it’s made locally so that I can recommend a Connecticut company to my (mostly) Connecticut garden clubs but even my regional ones will, I’m sure be happy with a company nearby.

    One of the garden club members that I spoke to was so anxious for the name she emailed me right after my program. I hope you get some orders from this.

    Thanks for noticing–and recommending it for african violets!


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