Lecturing on House Plants

Today I am spending the day lecturing on house plants to a garden club. The actual lecture will take about an hour, with set up and break down, maybe an hour and a half. The drive is maybe an hour and 15 minutes without traffic. I’ll be lucky if I can make it one way without traffic. On the way home I’ll hit traffic so it will take me longer.

I travel with three or more crates of plants so before I leave, I carefully pack up those plants for travel. That probably takes an hour. When I return, I need to relocate all those plants back to their “homes” on my various windowsills on the two levels of my home. It may take several trips. It’s good aerobic exercise.

Then there are the books. I carry 5 or so books for demonstration and reference. They too have to be relocated. That’s another trip upstairs.

All told, from the time I leave my house to attend the lecture, to the time I “clean up and put away” the plants and books, it’s easily 5 hours of time, perhaps more. And that does not include the time I’ve put in developing the handout I’ve brought, or making copies of the handout.  I have taken vacation time to do this, although this is clearly no one’s idea of a “vacation.” It’s definitely hard work, although I love doing it, and I am getting paid.

Still, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do, especially on a cold winter’s day, than to talk to a lovely group of gardeners about plants!

2 thoughts on “Lecturing on House Plants

  1. Dagny Hassinger March 23, 2015 / 3:18 pm

    It was a fruitful way to spend your ‘vacation” as we all enjoyed your lecture and we learned many new things, like how good all plants are at cleaning our stale indoor air (they also regenerate oxygen for us) and that dracena and oleander plants are especially good. If you have anyone with asthma an oleander plant might be helpful. Thank you Karla…..Dagny

    • gardendaze March 23, 2015 / 5:21 pm

      Thanks for your thoughts and your kind words, both here and at the lecture. As you can tell, I love lecturing and am happy to take a vacation day anytime to do so. This post came about as a response to a conversation I had with my boss, who really didn’t understand all that goes into one of my lectures.
      Thank you for hosting me. You all were a great group to speak to. And I love your thoughts about the dracena & oleander.


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