Wordless Wednesday–Be Ever Vigitant

That badly mangled partial quote, above, is from Much Ado About Nothing. A comic sheriff who confuses words badly tells a group of citizens to remain watchful by urging them to “Be ever vigitant, I beseech you!”

Somehow, the line stuck with me and I now use it all the time for everything. I refer to my little dog as “Miss Vigitant” when she’s on the hunt  for squirrels.

And I use the line in my lectures about checking house plants for insects.

Lime tree

This is the lime I referred to on Monday. Even in this photo you can see specks of aphids on the leaves (in the far left).

Aphids on leaves

Upon closer inspection, the aphids are pretty apparent. There are some tiny dark specks too–those are spider mites.

This is a plant under some pretty severe stress. I’ve been just washing the leaves off but it’s apparent that’s not enough. I think perhaps some insecticidal soap is in order.

Am I sorry I bought this plant? Nope. These are easily remedied problems and I have the plant isolated. And the fragrance far outweighs these minor issues.

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