Wordless Wednesday–More Snow?!

Saturday's Snow

So the snow machine has been turned on.  This is a photo from Saturday when we got about six inches, in two little bursts of snow.  It was pretty, but it was heavy and wet.

more snow

You can still see it coming down in this photo, and clinging to all the shrubs.  I try to knock it off as much as I can, but it  never wants to leave that mugo in the right hand corner of the photo.

Japanese maple

And this is why everyone grows those ubiquitous Japanese maples. They look great in every season.  I was just thinking I might be able to get them pruned. Not now.

Calm before the next storm

And here’s the calm before our next storm. By the time you read this, I’ll be digging out from the next one–supposedly historic. I’ll post those photos next week.snowblower treads

Since this is what the snow thrower leaves behind on even a modest storm, you can imagine the amount of “clean-up” work I need to do with a shovel with the larger storm. After the last big one, the Spoiler boasted it took him 4 hours with the machine.  Yes, and it took me 4 hours with a shovel.  You can imagine who got the raw end of that deal!

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