What Can a Gardener Do in The Winter?

For my readers in the southern hemisphere, I’m sorry.  You’ll have to ignore these series of posts (or come back to them in July).  But since much of my readership comes from temperate zones in the northern hemisphere (if my stats are correct anyway) I thought I’d focus the next few posts at least on how I get through winter and what gardeners might do in the winter.

This will sort of be the introductory post–and I’ll go into details of these ideas in subsequent posts.

First, winter is a great time for dreaming and planning. You know all those seed and plant catalogs that come into your house?  They’re great reference material.  They’re even great to order from, on occasion–but more about that in another post.

But of course, it’s always better to plan if you’ve had some plans in the past.  So this year, resolve to keep a garden journal.  And while it doesn’t have to be anything formal, it should be something better than throwing all your receipts in a shoe box.  There are some great garden journals on the market. I’ll tell you the one I prefer and why, and I’ll suggest some others.

And, if you are getting some of those seed catalogs, winter is a great time for seed starting. You can grow some micro greens for salads, you can start some slow to germinate things, you can stratify your seeds–you’ll see what I’m talking about in a few more posts.

Finally if the weather is truly awful where you are, you can catch up on some garden reading. There are always some great garden books coming out. Who has time to read in the middle of planting season? Find some you like and curl up with them. While I can’t say I was crazy about the books everyone chose as the “great gift books for gardeners” I still think there are some great books out there–and there’s never as much “winter” as there are garden books for me!

If the weather permits, get out and watch some birds–or look at the their nests, as I suggested in December. A little sunlight and vitamin D never hurt anyone.

See you back here Friday to talk about catalogs.


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