Soft on Invasives–Or One In Particular

I spent the better part of a week gently relocating a ladybug–better known as an invasive Asian ladybird beetle–around my bathroom. For some reason–most likely the moisture, my bathroom is home to all manner of creatures. They’re mostly spiders, tiny ones that I let be unless they surprise me in the shower or at some other unwanted time.

I first noticed this particular ladybug when I moved my towel after a shower. It had been under the towel. It flew over to my drinking cup and from then on I continually found it near the sink. Again, I think it had something to do with liking or needing water.

Then suddenly, one day, it was on the floor, near my feet. I couldn’t tell if it was dead or not, but I knew being near my feet wasn’t a good idea. I picked it up and it clung to my finger–I think. So I set it on my sink again and went to work.

When I got home, it was upside down. I flipped it over and left. But every time I went back in, it was upside down. Time to put the poor thing out of its misery I thought, so I brushed it into the sink.

Apparently, it had other ideas–or the water revived it–because the next time I went in, there it was, gamely climbing the side of the sink again.

So I got what I thought was a bright idea. I brought it downstairs to my ficus. The plant is covered in honeydew from a scale infestation I’ve written about. I plucked a honeydew covered leaf off and put it near the ladybug. That’s the last I saw of it.

Now does this mean I’m going to treat similar invading bugs so gently? Hardly. I still carry the Western Seed Conifer Beetles over to a window & toss them out for the birds. Thankfully we don’t have the invasive stink bugs yet.

And I have no tolerance for invading plants. And surely if my home were over-run with these critters I would not be so tolerant. I’m sorry for those of you with that circumstance.

But one stray ladybug, now and again, brings out a soft spot in me. It reminds me of childhood, when the non-invasive ladybugs were very popular.

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