Fraser or Balsam or Something Else?

Fraser FirFor my 1,000th post I really should have something more significant to say. But since many folks will be Christmas tree shopping in the coming days, I thought this would be timely. And why have a blog if it’s not going to be timely?

The Spoiler and I went to pick out my live tree over the long weekend. Long time readers may remember we do 2 trees. I get a live tree and he does an artificial. We avoid a lot of headaches that way.

As soon as we arrived at the tree lot, The Spoiler walked over to the first tree he saw, grabbed it and said, “Now this is a real tree. Get one like this. That way we don’t have all the problems we had last year.”

Apparently I have a memory like a sieve because I remembered nothing of the problems of last year. But what he telegraphed to me with that statement was that he wanted a fraser fir. That’s what he was touching.

I tend to prefer balsam firs because they smell better. But of course, they have softer limbs. Apparently last year we had some issues with the “soft” limbs and decorating the tree.

So we found a nice fraser–probably the second one we looked at–and brought it home.

What about at your house? If you choose a cut tree, how do you choose?

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