Where Is My Camera When I Need It?!

I mentioned that I traveled recently to Pennsylvania recently for a wedding. I don’t think I mention that my hotel shared a huge parking lot with a brew pub restaurant and a Home Depot.

So, on the day I arrived and the following day, for exercise, I walked the lot. (Anyone who knows big box store lots knows that that can be a decent walk!)

It was significantly warmer down there than where I came from–in fact the temperature changed 22 degrees in my 4 hour trip! That was quite a shocker!

But the bigger shock was the display in front of the Home Depot. This is where the camera would have come in handy because my words aren’t going to do this justice. But probably a camera couldn’t even have captured all of this because I don’t have an iPhone with one of those panorama features I’ve read about.

From left to right as I approached I saw the following: mums (of course) then the entrance to the Garden Center, then a little display of Alberta Spruces with red bows on top, ready to decorate front steps or doorways for Christmas, then hay bales and pumpkins for Halloween, and finally, a few left over lawn tractors and gas grills.

It was like getting whiplashed through the holidays!

If I hadn’t already had a headache from the abrupt temperature change, I surely got one from that display!

When I got home, on another visit to Target–for Halloween candy–I also got a bit of shock to the system. One aisle had the last of the Halloween costumes for kids while on the opposite side they were setting up wreaths, greens, stockings and other assorted Christmas items. It was as if they couldn’t get Halloween out of the store fast enough.

Now I am not one of those who is going to object about the “clash” of the holidays or the commercialization of Christmas. Stores are in business to make money. I don’t forget my reasons for the season.

But seeing all those seasons jumbled up in front of Home Depot like that was a bit much. Then again I suppose most of it was like an “end of season close out.”

Still it certainly could have been better arranged. But then again, no one asked me!

2 thoughts on “Where Is My Camera When I Need It?!

  1. Donna@GardensEyeView November 7, 2014 / 3:17 pm

    They cannot wait to launch into the holidays so we will spend our money!

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