It’s Time To Plant Bulbs When….

On Monday I mentioned that I would share some tips from my friends at Colorblends about how to know when it’s time to plant fall bulbs. I’ve linked to the whole list, of course, but I wanted to share some of my favorites because ever since they sent some excerpts to us as Garden Writers, I’ve thought about them and they made me smile.

I think perhaps my favorite is “you don’t hear crickets anymore.” Ever since I read that, not only am I more aware of the crickets around me, I am actively listening for them.

What? So what? And big deal. But we all have our favorite sounds. I love bird song (I think most of us–at least those of us reading this blog–do). But I can’t say I’ve ever been attuned to the crickets much. I’ve noticed them–particularly if they get into the house, where the chirp can be deafening. But now I’m actively listening. I shut off the radio at night and fall asleep to it. It’s really nice.

I’ve always watched the squirrels in their little nut burying frenzy (some folks think of this as squirrels destroying the lawn. Try to think of it as planting future oak trees).

And I’ve always been fascinated by the different bird groups as they congregate.

Some of the other things just make me a little sad: things like closing the windows, putting on the heat anywhere, and fall foliage past peak.

But of course, without autumn coming–and passing–there would be no rest for the gardener, and no beautiful spring bulbs.

I urge you to read the list and to browse the whole catalog. It’s full of lovely bulbs and great planting ideas and combinations!

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