Wordless Wednesday–Why Do You Have Crocuses Up Now?


A visitor to our house over the weekend asked why we had crocuses in our garden now. She made the mistake of asking the Spoiler who looked at her blankly. Luckily I was nearby and told her they weren’t crocus but colchicum, an autumn flowering bulb that some folks do call autumn crocus.

I took the above photo as the bulbs were just coming up–when we’d had just 3/10s of an inch of rain. After the weekend’s generous soaking of almost 3/4″ of rain, they now look like this!


more colchicums

This photo is the same group of bulbs as the top photo.

These are deer and rabbit proof and reliable even in my heavy clay and polar vortex winters (although I am considered a zone 6). I heartily recommend them!

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