Some Good Garden Reading

A week ago, when I was talking about fall gardening, I talked about curling up with a good book.

Coincidentally, the National Garden Bureau drew my attention to some newly published books. When I looked to see who was publishing them, I was quite surprised to see that it was not Timber Press, who puts out almost all the gardening books on the market these days.

I did a little more research and found the web site of St. Lynn’s Press, a small publishing house out of Pittsburgh that publishes organic gardening books and sustainable living books in the months when gardening books might not be interesting.

While I can’t say I’ve read too many of these books yet, I am familiar with a few of them and they are first rate. I am also familiar with several of the authors personally and know them to be excellent writers.

What is most interesting is the unusual array of gardening books. In the last few years, as a book reviewer, I’ve lamented that it’s all “chickens, edibles and regional books–or how-tos.” Thankfully this past year or so, the trend seems to have been broken, but a few of these books seem more unusual than the offerings I’ve seen coming out. Lately the new books all seem to be scholarly and exhaustive treatises on a single plant or a genus. I can’t say that excites me either, sadly. I’d much rather read about bottle trees, frankly!

But as I always say, if we all liked the same thing, what a boring world we’d have.

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