A Great Year For Begonias

Non-stop begonia

One thing this very dry year has been fabulous for is begonias. I almost always plant up this planter with an identical combination of peachy non-stop begonia, red dracena or phormium (which I save from year to year) and then two purple or blue trailers–usually some variety of torenia and calibrachoa.

Most years I have to nurse the thing along, and in very wet years like last year, I may have to re-plant the begonia once or twice because it rots away from all the nature supplied moisture. I’ve never quite seen one put on a show like this year.

giant wax begonia

This has generally been true of my container grown begonias. They’ve adored the heat–and no humidity we’ve had this year. I didn’t grow any angel-wings, but this “giant” version of a wax begonia has also done fabulously for me.

perennial begonia grandis alba

On the other hand, this perennial begonia, while just beginning to bloom, seems to be really struggling this year. While always late to come back, it didn’t return until almost July this year. And the cooler summer means it has really struggled to take off. Some years you can barely see my steps for all the begonias
(which the Spoiler hates). This is not going to be one of those years.

And the ones in the flower bed (behind the planter with pink wax begonia) are barely 4″ high. It’s doubtful they’ll even bloom this year. That’s fine–these things are prolific self-sowers and I don’t really need any more of them. But I’d hate to lose what I do have because I do love them!

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