Wordless Wednesday–the Good Guys

beneficial fungus

A garden writer of my acquaintance has won awards for his books Teeming with Microbes and Teeming with Nutrients. The Microbes book is about the soil food web and the beneficial fungi (among other things) that live within it.

I’m well aware of that relationship when I garden “in the wild” in the garden and that’s why I try never to spray anything–organic or not–in the garden. I try not to destroy the soil ecosystem I’ve carefully built up in my garden.

For those of you that rototill, take note. This is a house plant. It had gotten too big for its pot in just one season (which surprised me). When I dug it out of the pot, this is what I found: all this beneficial fungus on the roots. Clearly this was helping the plant thrive.

I have no explanation for why this plant developed this this year. It surely wasn’t because of rainfall–we’ve been fairly dry. All I’ll say is that I’m grateful.

By the way, I re-potted 6 other plants this weekend. Only this plant had this good fungus. Very interesting.

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