Wordless Wednesday

orchids outside

When I lecture on house plants (as I often do) folks will often ask me about orchids. I say that they are very easy, and, like the rest of my house plants, I give them no special treatment. I put them outside around Memorial Day and I bring them inside around Labor Day. That’s it–no miracles involved.

You can even see a white cyclamen that I stuck in there with the orchids. It too is blooming its fool head off.

In case anyone doubts this, none of these orchids or the cyclamen were blooming when they went outside.

""hardy" gardenia

This is one of those tender perennials I talked about a few weeks back. I got it as a sample at one of the Garden Writer trade shows, probably in the mid 2000s. It supposedly is hardy to 25 degrees. It’s actually hardy to much colder than that because the unheated sun porch where I over-winter it got down to 18 this past winter–and as you can see, it’s doing just fine.

Every so often I lose things on the porch–or more often, as in this “polar vortex winter” in the garage. But if you haven’t tried over-wintering plants that are not hardy for you and you have an un-heated space where you can do it, I highly recommend it!

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