Wordless Wednesday–Pollinator Pots

Pollinator Pots

Here’s a long-winded story about The Spoiler again. This winter the Spoiler saw some blueberry bushes in a catalog and thought they might be a nice idea. I agreed, but because we have so little sun, I told him we’d need to get the compact varieties so that we could grow them in pots where we do have the sun (you can see that these pots are on our driveway. New Englanders are famous for growing all manner of things in pots on the driveway because this is where the sun is)

Another thing the Spoiler wanted in a pot were some annuals. Normally I’m all for this except where he wanted this particular pot is in a place along our driveway. Last year I had a tree in a pot there and the tree got knocked down so many times that it was eventually killed. Mind you, we are not doing the knocking down–it’s folks coming to visit or clients stopping by to drop things off for my husband and they find it more convenient to drop things at the house.

So I suggested that the pot of annuals wouldn’t survive for long–it lasted all of 9 days before it was backed over so hard that it was broken (mind you, this is allegedly an “unbreakable” pot) and the annuals scattered so far across the lawn that I couldn’t even find some to rescue by the time I returned from work. I can’t imagine what the car bumper looked like.

Regardless, the Spoiler wants that pot replanted. These annuals–old-fashioned petunias–the kind that need dead-heading but have a fragrance at least, and zinnias–were left over from that large pot on the lawn. I put them in with the blueberries because although their root balls are centered in the pots, the plants are not, and the Spoiler didn’t like that. Everyone’s a gardening critic!

But at least I have something salvaged of these annuals for pollinators! And my blueberries are, of course, native plants so they too are excellent plants for pollinators. This, at least, worked out well.

I’ll see what I can do for the next round of annuals. And we’ll see how long they last. Maybe I can get 2 weeks out of them before some wahoo backs over them!

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