Wordless Wednesday–On Memories

Kwanzan cherry tree

Since May seems to me to be a month that’s all about memories–lots of days remembering and “memorializing” significant moments in various wars and then a general Memorial Day (although that started out as a Civil War remembrance day), I thought I’d share one from my childhood.

A friend of mine had a tree like this in her yard. I never realized it, but I’ve been partial to them ever since. It was one of the few trees I could climb because the branches were low enough off the ground to give me a leg up into it. (For the botanists among you, it’s a Kwanzan cherry, prunus ‘Kwanzan’ or sometimes ‘Kanzan’)

One afternoon, we climbed into the tree with some yarn and strung its blossoms into our version of Hawaiian leis for ourselves. Even though we put them in the refrigerator, they didn’t last very long of course–picked flowers never do.

But that’s not what’s important. It’s that I still have that happy memory–and the love of trees–all these years later.

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