Wordless Wednesday–Little Mouse’s Ears

Oak leaves & flowers

Throughout the years, I have used my oak tree as my planting barometer. When its leaves are the size of “little mouses ears” (why it’s not mice ears, I’m not sure–I don’t make the sayings, I just abide by them) the last frost is past in my area.

I know in the Midwest, they have a similar saying–out there, they like their oak leaves to be the size of squirrel’s ears. And this year, sadly, my sister tells me that their oak leaves were full grown and they still had snow, so the saying did NOT hold true for them.

Of course, gardeners still have to pay attention to the weather. Just because I did a good portion of my plant shopping this weekend–and will most likely finish up this week–doesn’t mean that everything is out of the pots and in the ground. My tender seedlings–tomatoes and peppers–are still in the house despite the 80 degree temperatures the past weekend. That was a fluke and the cool low 60s we’re going to have this upcoming week won’t do them any good at all.

I bought some fancy leaf geraniums (pelargoniums). They’ll come inside once the warmth ends and the wet begins. If it’s one thing geraniums can’t abide it’s prolonged periods of wet and cool. That just invites disease.

The perennials and blueberries will be fine–they can stay outside until they get in the ground. Thankfully–finally–the gardening season has begun for us!

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