Everything Is Behind Except….

On May 1st, we were still 10 degrees cooler than we should have been. It was damp, cool and way wetter than it should have been. I hadn’t been out in the garden yet for any meaningful amount of time at all (and I was getting pretty depressed about that, I can tell you!)

About the only thing that was going amazingly well were the indoor plants. Not even the seeds were up and sprouting yet but the house plants and the tropicals–with no real sunlight or warmth to speak of–were just taking off!

It had been such a dreary, depressing spring that I hadn’t really noticed this at first, but suddenly I noticed plants–those that I had recently purchased and those that I had over-wintered–had leaves that had suddenly doubled or tripled in size.

How do I account for this? An amazing new organic plant food that I’ve started using from Biosafe, a Connecticut company located in East Hartford.

Anyone who knows me, or who’s been to my house plant lectures knows that I tell people that I don’t feed my house plants. I usually don’t. But I’m always looking for a good organic fertilizer because I don’t like the existing ones. I’m no fan of the fish emulsions–too stinky, too loaded with who knows what? Heavy metals? And the fishing and over-fishing issues present ethical issues all their own. And I’ve tried kelp and never found it to have any visible results.

But look at this.

Meyer Lemon

This is a Meyer Lemon I got at a plant conference March 15. Since I got it at the conference I specifically remember the date.

Although the photo isn’t the best since it’s in silhouette, check out the leaf sizes. They vary dramatically from the bottom of the plant to the top of the plant–and this is a plant I haven’t even owned for 2 months! There’s no other explanation but the plant food.

lemon thyme

Here’s lemon thyme. Again, this is hard to see but the leaves on the top of the plant are literally twice the size of the leaves at the bottom. Those leaves on the lower potion of the plant are from last summer. If they were ever going to be robust, summer should have been it. So clearly the fertilizer is working its magic.

I have other examples too–new spikes on orchids, new blooms on anthuriums, things like that. This plant food is good!

And I love the press release that came with the food: in big letters across the top, it said “plants are not fish!”

As my long time readers well know, I do not recommend things lightly. I will tell you that I did receive a 4 oz sample of the plant food from BioSafe for free. But since I can probably count on 2 hands the number of products I’ve recommended in this blog in my 900+ posts, you know it has to be a good product before I recommend it, whether I receive it for free or I pay for it.

So I highly encourage you to find & buy this product.

I’ve got two other Biosafe products to test–an insect control and a disease control. I can’t wait to try them!

One thought on “Everything Is Behind Except….

  1. Tammy Raymond May 9, 2014 / 12:02 pm

    Reblogged this on In the Garden with BioSafe and commented:
    So happy to hear a success story from using BioSafe products. I know it works, I use it but when someone else tells you, it makes you happy!

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