Wordless Wednesday–Everything’s Springing Up Yellow

Japanese Kerria

It was a tough winter so one of my favorite shrubs, Japanese kerria (kerria japonica) isn’t blooming quite as heavily as it has in prior years. Still, its cheery yellow blooms never fail to delight. Its stems retain a nice green color all winter too–if they aren’t snow covered!


Even my magnolia isn’t blooming very heavily–but I feel blessed to still have it. The October snowstorm in 2011 topped the tree. It was so ugly in 2012 I could barely look at it. I pruned it back severely after our 30″ blizzard in February 2013 and its slowly taking shape again. But of course much of the vertical growth is non-productive “water sprouts” at this point. It will take some time before the whole tree looks shapely and blooms again.

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