One Very Confused Bay Plant!

Bay plant in bloom

I adore bay plants (laurus nobilis), the herb. I have three. But they aren’t hardy in my zone, so I over-winter them in an unheated sun porch.

Last winter, when I brought them in, I noticed one had something that looked like buds on it. I sent a photo to my sister in Oklahoma, remarking on how strange this seemed. I attributed it to all the rain we’d gotten (14 inches, albeit almost all in June and 1 day in August, but still).

I worried a bit about the plants because we’d had the coldest winter we’d had since I’ve had the plants but aside from some scorching where they were near the glass windows, they seemed to be fine. So I planted them back outside in the garden 3 weeks ago and then I see that the buds opened to flowers!

I have some very confused bay plants. I’m not sure where they think they’re growing!

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