Wordless Wednesday

After the recent article in the New York Times on gardening with moss (called “Gathering Moss” and found here) I have a renewed appreciation for the moss in my own yard.

While it’s been fairly dry by me so the moss doesn’t show in its best light, here are some examples.

moss and tree roots

This is in an area on a slope where the soil has been eroded and the moss has taken hold and stabilized the area. It’s under some maples and those are the maple roots.

moss in rock patio

This moss–two types actually–wants to take hold in some gaps in our rock patio. The Spoiler keeps wanting to kill it so I try moving it to other places in the yard to preserve it. The Spoiler is not a moss fan, sadly.

moss on bedrock

This bedrock is jutting out of the ground, about 5′ high. Its surface is becoming colonized with moss and lichen. While I haven’t yet cleared the pine needles off from winter (necessary if the moss is to flourish) you can still see the mosses underneath.

mossy lawn

Finally, this is our most successful area of moss–or mine, I should say. If it were up to the Spoiler, this would be grass. But this is a very narrow sloping area on the north side between two houses. We’re lucky anything grows at all!

You can see the moss colonizing the garden bed on the right of the photo as well. That’s fine. That bed has 5 large blue hostas in it once “summer” comes.

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