Let’s Not Be Mindless About….Removing A Plant Too Soon

overgrown juniper

You may remember this plant–or a portion of it–from a few Wordless Wednesdays ago. There was a robin standing under it.

At that time it didn’t look too bad. Now that you see the whole thing, you think, “Ick! I would have chopped that plant down years ago. What is she thinking?!”

Well, there were 2 different times I almost chopped it down. This thing, if you can believe it, started its life as one of those cute little 5 pom-pom balled junipers. I’m not entirely sure how it got so overgrown but the Spoiler with his electric hedge trimmers hasn’t done it any favors over the years.

The first time I started making noises about “this thing has got to go!” my neighbor erected a playscape for his children directly on my property line (why do people do that?!) and directly in my line of vision from every room of my house. This was the only thing that saved me.

But thankfully, kids grow and the playscape has fallen into disuse and so I thought about getting out the saw again. And then we had a really bad winter. And a flock of robins came through and descended on it and stripped it bare of its berries. And from that year on, the robins have always come back to nest there.

So now you know why I permit this “eyesore.” Sometimes nature trumps beauty after all.

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