Let’s Not Be Mindless About….Seed Starting

I have been a seed starter from way back–probably from childhood. So this was a bit of a wake up call for me. I’ll tell you how it came about (and how I’ve changed it, obviously)

I was reading an article in my local paper about how March gives gardeners the gift of time (I presumed the writer meant that gardeners still had the luxury of planning the garden). The article asked a series of questions that “the gardener” was supposed to ponder. One of the most shocking questions–and I hope it was asked tongue in cheek–was something like, “Do I really need that big vegetable garden that’s not sustainable because it uses all that water, or should I just sneak over and steal a few tomatoes from my neighbor?”

One thing the writer has correct is that vegetable gardens, even if they are using drip irrigation fed by a rain barrel, are not the most xeric gardens out there. They can’t be. You need water to grow good vegetables.

And of course last year I had the well-publicized battle with the deer.

So that got me thinking (not about stealing my neighbors’ veggies, I hope you understand!). But it did get me thinking about whether there were ways to do what I was doing any better. Or perhaps I should just get my tomatoes from the abundance of Farmer’s Markets in my town. Is that more sustainable and would I regret that?

I do have a week or two left to decide. I could also try to come up with Plan C, which I haven’t yet thought of.

You all will obviously see the results–or not–here this summer.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Not Be Mindless About….Seed Starting

  1. michele March 24, 2014 / 2:01 am

    So now I’m not allowed to raise the veggies of my choice, in my preferred organic way, because I use water?! Why not give up blogging because it uses up energy?

  2. gardendaze March 24, 2014 / 6:40 am

    No, of course not. Since the writer joked about stealing his neighbors tomatoes, I suspect a good part of his article was tongue in cheek. But it certainly made me think, particularly since I was writing my own article about sustainable gardening practices at the same time.

    My vegetable garden is the only garden I have to water in the summer. It’s also the only place I battle the deer. My yard would be a lot more sustainable without it.

    Does that mean I’m giving it up? I don’t think so. But it’s caused me to look at that garden in a whole new way and to think about what I can do differently.

    That’s the point of the “Let’s not be mindless….” I’m just asking the questions about what we’re doing and what, if anything, we can do differently, or better.


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