Wordless Wednesday–Winter Wildlife

deer on alert

My new little rescue dog is a great “hunter.” So when I heard her losing her tiny mind on recent Saturday morning, I had to figure out what the problem was. Clearly the problem was this deer, wanting its breakfast! Amie had other thoughts, however, and her vociferous barking so annoyed the deer that it finally left and left my beleaguered azaleas alone.

Maybe I won’t have issues with my vegetables after all this year!


You can probably just see the robin on the snow beneath the overgrown juniper here. I’ll talk about this shrub in one of my “Let’s Not Be Mindless….” posts one day.

Amie (the dog–and she came with her name and that spelling–that’s not mine!) barks at anything that moves and that includes birds. Unfortunately, that is not a habit I approve of with respect to birds, but she is what she is. Luckily she can’t climb trees!

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