More Garden Trends From The Hartford Flower Show

On Monday, I talked about the Hartford Flower and Garden Show and some of the “trends” that I saw there. I’ll finish that discussion today.


You may remember this garden from Monday. It had the herb garden and the compost pile? This labyrinth was sort of off in the distance. This is one of two in the garden–the second was in a waterfall setting at the bottom of a dry pond. It was in the same shape. A couple I was near had 2 different reactions. The man said, “Oh the waterfall’s broken.”

I looked at the woman and said, “Gee, I thought it was designed that way.” She smiled and said, “So do I.” I’m fairly sure it was. No self-respecting landscape designer would have a “broken” waterfall in its exhibit for 4 days! It was lovely–and a funny moment!

And remember, this was the garden with the compost pile so I think the company was trying to truly show sustainability in the garden, and perhaps to show homeowners how “waterfalls” could be designed without water. It was a tour de force.

Outdoor kitchen

For a “tour de force” of another sort, I saw several of these. This is something I don’t quite “get” but I do know lots of folks who love to grill. Perhaps if you are a 4 season griller, this might make some sense. In addition to this grilling area, there was an outdoor seating area built in.

Outdoor seating

The absolute best outdoor seating I saw was this one. I stopped and my mouth fell open when I saw this–and that doesn’t happen often. 14 ton of rock was used to design the seating area alone.

What you don’t see (because there were so many folks clustered around this I couldn’t get a good photo) was the waterfall behind it. Like the doorframe, it was suspended in mid-air and tiny rivulets of water cascaded down a frame. It was lovely.

This entire landscape was designed by a woman-owned business from Middletown, CT called Contour Concept. It is really impressive.

While totally impractical for the average backyard, notice the “chandelier” above the seating area. I fell in love with that. In a shady area, gently suspended from a tree branch over a dining area, wouldn’t that be lovely (provided one in not in a drought stricken area, of course, and one could get water to it?)

So that’s my Hartford Flower Show tour. Did I learn anything for my own backyard? Not really. But more important I got the ability to get through the rest of what “winter” may dish out (even though we are technically in meteorological spring now). And that’s even more valuable!

2 thoughts on “More Garden Trends From The Hartford Flower Show

  1. Sue March 9, 2014 / 9:51 pm

    The Contour Concept display was the best at the show this year. A few more of that caliber could kick the Hartford show to a whole different level.

    • gardendaze March 10, 2014 / 6:44 am

      I completely agree. I thought a couple of the new vendors really outdid themselves.

      I was surprised not to see the CHS on display at all. I know they had a presence introducing the speakers. I’m not even sure if I saw a booth though. Perhaps it’s just not cost effective any more.

      Thanks for reading & commenting. It will be nice to finally be done with winter this year–at least for me!


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