White Christmas? Drought Over?

Imagine my shock when I got an email from the Farmer’s Almanac about a week ago describing “record snows” so far this year and rains that were ending droughts over much of the country.

Here in my part of the world we’re in moderate drought trending toward severe at the moment with no rain (or snow, thankfully) on the horizon.

While I’m grateful that the parts of the country that have been in severe to long term drought appear to be seeing some easing of that at least, I do wish that we were going into winter with some moisture in the ground. Our evergreens in particular are really suffering and it won’t get better through the long winter with the cold and the sun. Come March, when the ground is still frozen and the sun is bright and warm, these evergreens are really going to experience some stress unless there’s quite a lot of snowmelt prior to that.

The Farmer’s Almanac has a great weather columnist called Evelyn Browning Gariss. She is a self-described historical climatologist and blogger. The column I refer to is hers and can be found here. It has a great link to all the places that broke the snow records.

There are lots of comments below her column that seem to echo mine, comments like “What’s going on in the East?” Ah, but if we could answer that, we wouldn’t be meteorologists or climatologists, we’d be rich!

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