Holiday Plants for the Thanksgiving Table and Beyond

Thanksgiving centerpeice

This year we are faced with an interesting dilemma: the evening before Thanksgiving is the first night of Hanukkah.

I’m very grateful this is not a food blog, although I’ve already seen some fabulous suggestions for combining the two traditions.

What I always think about, of course, are the plants, and how to make the home and table lovely.

Now, mind you, I am decorator and you certainly will never see me winning any prizes for my table arrangements. But I’m also aware that not everyone celebrates Christmas and not everyone wants to festoon their homes with poinsettias all the time.

So here are a couple of choices for plants–and I do mean legitimate plants–not “gift” plants or seasonal plants or toss-away plants–that will take you from Thanksgiving or Hanukkah through New Year’s and beyond.

As the above photo shows, I have paired my favorite crotons with a few other house plants–yes house plants–to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece. While you probably wouldn’t want this on the actual table during the meal–how would you see guests on the other side, for one thing, and where would you fit all the goodies, for another?–it would make a lovely arrangement for a sideboard or low coffee table.

What’s in this arrangement (besides my crotons, of course)?

Well, right up front is a bright yellow kalanchoe (kalanchoe blossfeldiana). Should you want to make this even more festive and versatile, get a red one and then you can keep it for Christmas, if you celebrate that.

And just peeking its head above it all is a peachy colored phalaenopsis orchid. Again, I went with the fall colored theme. Choose a white one and you can mix it in with other holiday decorating no matter which holiday you are celebrating this season–even New Year’s.

Perhaps this gives you some idea that table decorations don’t have to be just cut flowers (although there’s certainly nothing wrong with those now and again!)

But perhaps this year you might want to change it up a bit. Whatever you do, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Plants for the Thanksgiving Table and Beyond

  1. Evan WIlliams November 25, 2013 / 8:25 am

    Thanks for this idea!
    I have a cat that loves to disassemble flower centerpieces, so these will stay put! I sometimes get my christmas cactus blooming around this season but I really like the orchid idea.

  2. gardendaze November 25, 2013 / 9:01 am

    So nice to hear from you! Cats can be so persnickety that way, can’t they? Thank goodness they have other nice qualities.

    I adore orchids. I had one phal that was in bloom for–no exaggeration–at least 9 months. It could have been more. I completely lost count. It started blooming last December and went on through August or September at least. What other plant, indoors or out, will do that?

    Of course the plant had 4 spikes–and I was so pleased that I managed to make it re-bloom like that; I hadn’t bought it that way. For some reason, they really like my cool(er) house. Finally a plant that wants to grow even though I’m freezing!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the cat!


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