Bring on the House Plants!

If it’s November or December, or even early spring, it’s a good bet that I will be asked to lecture somewhere on house plants. This year I have been fortunate enough to be asked to lecture twice on the same house plant topic within 4 weeks.

One garden club asked me to add in a bit about seasonal plant care as well since that lecture is a mere 9 days before Christmas. So since I was changing up the lecture for them, I decided to do it for both since the other lecture is the week before Thanksgiving. No point in omitting seasonal plants in that one.

House plants are a favorite of mine anyway and I’m always delighted to be asked to speak about them. There are very few things that cost so little and give so much back.

By cost so little I mean anywhere from $1.99 to $7.99 USD for a small pot depending on where you buy and what variety (and often where you live). While $7.99 does not seem inexpensive, particularly if money is tight, that same plant (whatever it may be) is often available other places for less money, or in a different form (as a bulb you can start yourself and grow up, for example, for far less money) or, perhaps, at the end of the season on markdown or clearance.

With lots of plants it often pays to buy small and “grow them up yourself” particularly if you do not need them for any particular occasion. I was shocked when I put a snake plant (sanseviera sp) which was growing in a 6″ pot indoors outside in an arrangement that was part of a larger 16″ container.

When it came back inside for the winter, that same plant needed a 10″ container because it had grown so much–in just one season! I actually wasn’t all that amused. I hadn’t planned for that! Must have been the wet summer.

What you get back is extra indoor humidity without the benefit of messy humidifiers, air purification without the benefit of extra electrical equipment, and color and decoration for the home.

That’s a lot of bang for the buck, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Bring on the House Plants!

  1. bridget November 21, 2013 / 4:52 pm

    I love my houseplants. As you say they purify the air and decorate the home. At the moment we are enjoyed our Geraniums who are flowering since we brought them in for the Winter.

  2. gardendaze November 22, 2013 / 8:27 am

    I love mine too. I just lectured about them last night–I traveled with about 30 or so for “show & tell.” I was a little worried about bringing them out in the cold air but they seemed to survive just fine. I didn’t bring anything too delicate and I put them in containers with deep sides to protect them.

    I’ve got another lecture in another few weeks when it will be colder still so I hope I’ve perfected that technique.

    I was just admiring my geraniums this morning. It’s a dark, damp day and they’re such a ray of sunshine!

    Thanks for reading and commenting!


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