How Did We Get Here?

On Sunday and Monday, when it was almost 60 degrees in my part of the world, I was having a difficult time remembering that we were nearing the middle of November. The sun was shining (which is about the only way it reaches that temperature this time of year, jet streams notwithstanding!) and it was just lovely out.

Despite all the lovely weather, the professional meteorologists were in a frenzy, predicting snow, “from a coating to an inch” for Tuesday morning, and calling for school cancellations and delays. While I’m sure there were thousands of hopeful kids, The Spoiler was scoffing. Even I was having a hard time explaining to him how the cold air could so quickly invade and change things–and mind you, this is a man who grew up here and hasn’t moved more than 50 miles from his place of birth. Must be nice to have that sort of mental amnesia from season to season.

Tuesday morning dawned and the cold air invaded on schedule and the disappointed kids had to go to school after all. The snow turned out to be more like “mood snow” and a few squalls rather than anything that would keep them home after all.

Unfortunately, the cold air did follow–although it is mid-November, it now feels like late December. Ah, the ups and downs of late fall. At least I’m no longer confused about what season it is and I do know that Thanksgiving is just around the corner for us, despite the fact that I still do have a few home grown tomatoes left to eat.

And as for the meteorologists? They’ll have to save the frenzy for the next time, which I’m sure will be just a few short days or weeks away if this cold holds.

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