The Kitchen Spider

Kitchen spider

This is a spider that’s been hanging out in my kitchen, behind the sink, for about a month or so.

You can see that despite its size, it’s quite the hunter. It’s got some sort of roly-poly in its web, and beneath the web are all manner of tiny bugs, some with wings. When I get too disgusted, I sweep them all up.

This doesn’t seem to be one of the spiders that wraps the bugs up and stores them for future consumption. I have one of those on my porch so I can see the difference.

I live with a good number of spiders–actually, everyone does, supposedly, unless you’re using bug killers around the home. If you’re living with spiders, though, you can see that they can be pretty efficient bug killers on their own.

And yes, there is the argument that spiders bite and spider bites can cause all sorts of harm. But for the most part, the few biting spiders that we have do NOT hang around out in the open like this–that’s the trouble. They lurk in dark places which is how they get nicknames like recluse.

So since my house is a known spider habitat I just take precautions. I shake out everything before I put it on. I bang my shoes together before I put my feet into them. And I leave little guys like this alone to tidy up.

One other myth debunked. For the most part, house spiders are pretty much just that. They like to live indoors and they are found in kitchens and bathrooms a lot because those are reliable water sources. So no need to put them outside. Their habitat is the house.

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