We Bloggers Are Making Seeds Sexy!

Bloggers–and I don’t just mean garden bloggers here–but food bloggers too, I think, are responsible for a revolution that is happening in the food world.

A recent article in The New York Times talked about a conference at a Westchester New York conference center called Stone Barns.

Chefs were talking not only about Farm to Table, a movement that has gone mainstream, but about getting back to the beginnings of the “farm” sources–back to the very seeds that the farmers use to grow the produce for their tables.

This is a bit revolutionary, and I think blogs–both gardening blogs and food blogs–are directly to be credited for this. With so much emphasis on specific named varieties of vegetables and on heirloom varieties in particular, it only stands to reason that chefs would seek out more knowledge about these vegetables and their sources–the seeds from which these vegetables are grown

So food and garden bloggers, give yourselves a round of applause–you have influenced a movement!

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