Wordless Wednesday–A Bumper Crop of Spiders

cross spider

It’s a bit hard to see but there’s a spider hanging front and center in this photo.

In fact, everywhere I go this summer, I am walking into webs.

Don’t mistake the matter–I’m delighted. Spiders are the good workers of the garden.

I’m just not fond of them in my face–every morning–when I go out for the newspaper. I’m sure they’re less fond of me disrupting their anchor silks, so we’re even.

This is the most prominent spider in my garden every year. It’s an orb weaver of the cross spider family. To tell you how abundant they’ve been this year, I’ve had several on the car–and not just on the car. I’m finding orb webs on the driver side mirror a lot–and the cute little spiders are hanging there, face in, as if they’re admiring themselves in the mirror. Too funny.

Another one of these made a huge web across the back of my car. It even went through the car wash with me, came out “unwashed,” so to speak, and refashioned its web. It would get very excited if I accidentally brushed the web while opening the hatchback and come scurrying down the web. Sadly, it was just my finger brushing the web, which would cover the latch. It finally washed off in a rainstorm.

But so long as they’re in the garden I’m good with it–until I have to harvest these tomatoes. Then we’ll have to dance around a bit.

orb weaver--better shot

Here’s a bit of a better photo of one, hanging by some recycle bins. When I went to empty my recycle bin, this one actually alerted me to its presence by spinning madly around in the center of its web so fast that all I could see was a blur.

They do this to make predators think they are larger than they are. They’ll also bounce up and down vertically. I don’t particularly care what they do, so long as I don’t walk into them–and I’m sure they’re grateful too.

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