Nature Can Be Fickle–Make Sure You’re Watering

I should not complain when so many places are having flash flooding (and so many others are having drought). And I also should know that a 50% chance of showers means just that: there’s an equally good chance that it will not rain.

But it has been raining, and raining a lot lately. SO when I saw the forecast–and even rain on the radar–I figured there was a decent likelihood that it would rain enough to water my plants enough so that I wouldn’t have to. Silly me.

Let this be a lesson. It’s still summer and it’s still hot. Vegetables, newly planted plantings and especially container plants need water this time of year. Container plants are likely to need it every day or sometimes twice a day depending on how densely they are planted and how hot it is in your climate.

Vegetables, for proper “fruit set,” are going to need up to 2″ a week. Where that water comes from–whether it’s you or nature–is irrelevant. But they need to be watered if you want good crops.

Newly planted plants need at least an inch of water a week, and roses will want more than that.

The only exception to what I’m saying is in areas where there are watering restrictions. And even there, these rules would still apply–it’s just that you might not be able to follow them because of the restrictions, or you might have to get creative in the way you water.

In drought years here, I would take buckets into the shower with me so that I’d catch the “splash off” and have that to take down to my plants. I never would have turned on a faucet without having a watering can nearby–if I needed to run the water for any length of time to heat it up or cool it off, that excess was running into a watering can or two.

Is it a pain to think like that?

Absolutely. Is it a pain to watch your plants die? Yes. So think creatively where you can to find ways to water if you must. And don’t rely on a “chance of showers” to do it for you.

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