This is a “Hole” New Kind of Shredding

chewed hosta leaf

Yes, this kind of chewed leaf is something different from what we’ve seen before. This I’m blaming on slugs (because, for the most part we don’t have snails in my part of the country unless they’re on the menu)

What is uncharacteristic is that there are no “slime trails,” those nasty bits of evidence that the slugs leave behind that look like someone or something as drooled on the plant.

But we’ve had so much rain that it’s entirely possible that the trails have washed away and only the evidence of the “chewing” remains.

chewed echinacea leaf

Here’s more evidence of slug damage. Again, the holes are much more ragged and uneven than those I posted about Monday.

If you must get rid of slugs (and snails) there are all sorts of great organic remedies. They range from the “do it yourself” ideas (some of which can be found here in this article from Organic Gardening) to commercial remedies that are safe for you, wildlife and pets (a great list of options can be found here, but I always encourage folks to try the locally owned garden center first–many may be available there, and it’s certainly a great way to support the local economy and avoid shipping and be a bit more “carbon friendly”).

Finally, if you are having drought, or going into drought, you may just want to wait it out. Slugs are far less of a pest in drier conditions.

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