A Rose That Didn’t Make The Cut

Flower Carpet flowers

Flower Carpet rose

A rose that I am traveling around with, but that I really don’t recommend, is Flower Carpet Pink Supreme.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Flower Carpet roses. I planted the original pink one (Flower Carpet Pink) when we got married and it flowered and bloomed gamely even after it was over-taken by a Japanese maple. I seem to have a habit of planting roses too near trees and not remembering that they will eventually spread out to engulf them. My bad.

Anyway, this game little rose kept growing and throwing up ridiculously long canes for awhile and The Spoiler would remark, “Look at that tree blooming.” But eventually, I took pity on the rose and composted it.

It seems hard to believe that after that story I wouldn’t recommend this rose. It’s not that it’s a “bad” rose. It’s just that what’s come along since is so superior that there’s really no reason to grow this rose. This rose, because it was the first, doesn’t have the disease resistance of the later roses. And really, why struggle with black spot if you don’t have to?

There are valid reasons to grow this rose (other than sentimentality, of course). It comes in some colors that none of the others yet do. And let’s face it, we gardeners get into snits about our color schemes sometimes!

Flower Carpet Amber is a peachy color with yellow tones. Flower Carpet Pink Splash is a pink and white bi-color–no other series has a bi-color. And the Flower Carpet Yellow is especially vibrant.

So if you are looking for some unusual colors in a relatively easy care roses, give the Flower Carpet roses, in their distinctive pink pots a try. Just be sure to give them plenty of air circulation to avoid disease!

One thought on “A Rose That Didn’t Make The Cut

  1. roberta4949 June 24, 2013 / 4:28 pm

    is it a small climber? maybe that is why the canes are so long? black spot yuck, my new blaze is always getting it, the leaves drop off and news one come out and are clean for a while. still like my new blaze climber despite it.

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