Wordless Wednesday–Pansies


Wait–what about the herbs?

Actually, if you know that the pansies that you’ve purchased haven’t been sprayed or grown with herbicides (and increasingly, you can buy flowers that are certified organic) pansies are edible and they make a lovely garnish for salads or even just a garnish on a plate.

If you can’t find organic flowers, plan ahead and next year grow your own. Or better yet, don’t spray the lawn and use some of the wild violas.

row of pansies

The Spoiler loves his hoses. Excuse the one visible in this photo.

Pansies are cool weather plants and don’t do well once the temperature warms.
pansy orchid

And this is neither a pansy, nor edible–it is the pansy orchid, a miltonia. But the resemblance is clear, and I couldn’t resist showing it off!

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