Wordless Wednesday–Pass-along Plant

My oldest plant This is my oldest plant.  It is some sort of rhizomatous begonia that was originally given to my parents in the late 1970s by a crusty German neighbor when they moved into one of their homes.

Of course, I’m the only one who still has a piece of the plant left, and I have saved it and shared it many times over.  I call “her” ‘Monstera’ (and no, I don’t normally name or give sexes to my plants–and yes, I am aware that there is a type of plant called “Monstera” whose common name is the ‘Swiss Cheese Plant.’)


The begonia gets the name ‘Monstera’ from the size of her leaves, which are the size of my hand.  I think its actual name is begonia x ricinifolia ‘Immense’ (and immense it is!)  At least that’s what I’ve been able to determine from the web site of the American Begonia Society (isn’t the web great?)


begonia leaf That is my hand under the leaf there.

And I call her “she” because she blooms in pink, of course.  None of my other plants, regardless of the color they bloom are “hes” or “shes.”

I guess it’s because ‘Monstera’s’ been with me for so long that he merits a name and a gender.  And she looks so pretty blooming this time of year.  Even her stems are pretty.

begonia stem As you can see, however, as her little pink flowers begin to fall everywhere, her charm has its limits!

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday–Pass-along Plant

  1. pbmgarden March 6, 2013 / 7:34 pm

    It’s lovely. So nice to have plants with a story.

  2. gardendaze March 7, 2013 / 7:59 am

    Thanks–and thanks for reading. Hard to believe we’re still as snowy as this though, isn’t is? Oh well, if we didn’t like living in a place with seasons, we’d be in Florida or something. But I am envying you your lovely bulbs right about now. All I have are snowdrops when the snow recedes around the edges!


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