Wordless Wednesday–Near Catastrophe


Pallet of shingles A couple of days before the “Blizzard of 2013,”  our roofer dropped this pallet of shingles in our backyard.  Why was this necessary?  Hurricane Sandy (yes, it was a Hurricane when it came across Long Island, so now it’s okay to call it a hurricane again) damaged our roof last October.


Obviously the damage wasn’t severe enough that the roof was leaking, but it did lift up the ridge vent and beat the heck out of a good number of shingles–hence the need for a new roof.



When I saw this I told the Spoiler, “Under no circumstances can you let them start on the roof.  We’re getting a  storm this weekend.”

Can you imagine if we’d had a tarp on the roof and then gotten 29″ of snow?!  Crisis averted!  Whew!






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