Wordless Wednesday–A Valentine’s Day Plant



This lovely plant is in all the stores right now–garden centers, flower shows, supermarkets and even the box stores.  It’s a corm called cyclamen, and it is a little tricky to grow.


Because corms are bulb-like structures you don’t want to over-water or they’ll rot.  You also don’t want to let them dry completely–that signals dormancy and the bulb will lose its leaves and flowers and begin a period of hibernation.  Evenly moist–like a poinsettia–is what you want to try to achieve.

Cooler is also better in helping to prolong the flowering time.  Bright light is also good.


Give this lovely all those things and this plant will reward you much longer than cut roses!

venerable cyclamen


This one at my office has never been out of bloom in the 2 1/2 years I’ve worked here!

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