Storm Sandy One Week Later, Old Saybrook, CT

On Monday, one week after “Superstorm Sandy” hit the east coast, I traveled to the Connecticut shore–Old Saybrook in particular–to give a lecture on putting the garden to bed.

I was a little apprehensive and concerned that some of my audience might not have any gardens left to winterize.  As it turns out, I need not have worried.

For one thing, thankfully, we are fairly resilient here in Connecticut.  Bad storms, while not the size of last week’s storm, are common on our shoreline.

For another, this part of the shoreline, while it had some damage, didn’t experience the worst of the surge.  Still, that’s not to say there wasn’t damage–and a FEMA office open in town to serve the residents.

Here’s a bit of what I saw, a week later.

This restaurant had just re-opened in late summer after repairing damage from Hurricane Irene.  It is now shut down again, although renovations are underway already–again.

This is what remains of the shed that once housed the mini-golf starter’s area.

This is where the shed used to stand. You can see the restaurant in the background.

These tables and benches are made of heavy composite concrete.  They are at the beach pavilion, which was also damaged and shut down.

All of this damage was caused primarily by water and wind-driven water, not the storm surge.  The surge here wasn’t nearly so great as it was nearer to the New York part of our coast.

This last photo shows, I think, that even tough shore plants weren’t immune from the storm.  This is a “beach rose”,   a rugosa.  These are normally tough, invincible plants.  They’re also big–4-5′ at least.  That shows how high the water was on this plant.

Hard to say if this will recover.  With this much damaged foliage, I’d tend to say not.  But you never know.

I was warmly hosted by the Old Saybrook Garden Club and I very much appreciate their hospitality and attention.

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