Annual Warning

When I say “annual” in my post heading, I’m not referring to the type of plants that live for one season, set seed and die (basil, or petunias, for example).  Rather, I’m referring to a post I always do about this time of year to residents and travellers who might encounter deer.

Mid-to-late October and November are deer mating season.  So if one is ever to encounter a deer with a vehicle, this is the most likely time.  Bucks will run out in pursuit of females and will crash right into vehicles from the side.  It’s craziness.

Another reason one is likely to encounter deer this time of year is the relative warmth of the road versus the coolness of the grassy verge.  Throw in a little fog that results from that scenario and you have a recipe for, a best, a fender bender.

Hunting season is yet a third reason that drives deer out of deeper woods and onto our highways, where we are more likely to encounter them.

Finally, with the time change coming and the loss of even more light in the evening, motorists need to be extra alert.

Interestingly enough, State Farm, which does a study of deer/auto collisions by year, found that they actually fell in 2010.  Perhaps not so many of us were on the road due to the bad economy and higher gas prices.

They also list my own state, Connecticut, as one with a relatively low incidence of deer to vehicle collisions.  Considering how many deer I see, and how many folks I know who have hit them, I guess I’m glad I don’t live in a state with a high incidence!

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