Wordless Wednesday–The “Virtues” of Clay Soil

This photo was taken at the tail end of a rain storm that initially dropped rain at the rate of 2″ an hour.

For my regular readers, you know that I’m at the top of a hill.  My backyard, however, is downslope from the neighbors behind me so I get the runoff from them in a heavy rain.

After the initial deluge, the rain slowed and we ultimately wound up with a nice gentle rain for about 4 hours–all told about 1  1/2 inches.

Because of this lovely clay (unmulched) I didn’t have to water for a solid week.  And this bed is annuals, hydrangeas, and newly planted hydrangeas.  If anything is going to need water, that sort of planting will.

On occasion, like drought summers, clay soil is a real plus.  That rain was the first we’d had in my part of the state in weeks.

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