Midsummer Musings

It’s been a very odd year and as we hit the halfway point, as a gardener, I’m in a place I’ve never been before.

For one thing, I have weeds–technically wildflowers, I suppose since I did invite them onto my property–as high as my shoulders in some places.  They’re wild impatiens, also known as jewelweed, or impatiens capensis.  It’s a long story.  The short version is that I wasn’t sure what might become of the gardens where they were located.  We had an offer to buy that portion of the land.  Ultimately that’s not going to happen, at least not this summer.

But for some time I just barely maintained those gardens, thinking that there wasn’t much point in doing a lot of work if they would soon be under a bulldozer.  The rest of the summer–and perhaps some years to come–may be catch-up.

And of course, just as the gardens were beginning to awake, I had major health issues with some family members–some of which are still going on.  So who knows when & whether these “weeds” will get addressed. People always take priority over gardens.

And of course, there have been other events that have filled up my time. I’ve taken on some other gardening and consulting projects for other people this year, something I hadn’t done in many years.  While it can be very rewarding, it also cuts down on my own time in the garden.

And I’m doing more writing as well, having gotten a column in a glossy publication as well.  Again, a fabulous thing–but one that competes for my limited gardening time.

So as we hit midsummer in the garden, I am more grateful than ever for perennials. And if my weeds/wildflowers grow up to eclipse my hydrangeas, well, where are those darn deer when you need them?

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