Almost Wordless Wednesday–Pollinators and Others

Cultivated form of milkweed, also known as butterfly weed (asclepias) with ants as pollinators.  Small bees also love this as do butterflies.

Michael’s Dirr’s hydrangea introduction, Lady in Red, with 3 tiny bees.  Obviously not a native, but the bees do not seem to mind in this instance.

This is another non-native–invasive in some places but barely hardy for me–with a tiny black wasp–barely visible against the dark blooms.  Again, bees, wasps and butterflies are all drawn to this shrub but beware of it if it is invasive in your area.

This is Filipendula–Queen of the Prairie–a lovely native with lots of composite flowers for the pollinators.  Today, however, a decidedly non-native visitor has paid it a visit!  It is the first of the season (both beetle and open flower on this plant!).

As non-natives–or alien invaders if we want to get sensational about it–go, this beetle is far more of a pest in my yard than the more spectacular japanese variety.  This is the Asiatic garden beetle–not nearly so pretty and equally destructive!

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