Wordless Wednesday–The Clean Pond

I’ve been so crazy busy this year I had to take a vacation day to clean the pond.  I did that last week.

After the pea soup green water the fish had gotten used to, they’ve all gone into hiding until the lilies fill out a bit.  I should have gotten them a water hyacinth or two. (By the way, the houttunyia, or chameleon plant you see on the right side there isn’t so much of a problem, hemmed in by pure bedrock to its right and granite on the left.  But it can be unbelievably aggressive on its own–plant with caution!)  In the top photo, you can see it coming down into the grass where the mower will keep it in check.

Water this clear is actually a little un-natural.   But after the heat we’re expecting the next few days, I’ve no doubt it won’t be this clear for long!  Astronomical Summer arrives right on schedule!  Happy summer, everyone!

One thought on “Wordless Wednesday–The Clean Pond

  1. Bridget June 20, 2012 / 1:48 pm

    The pons looks great, love all the stones around it.
    Happy Solstice!

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