It’s no news that it has been incredibly dry here in the Northeast.  We’re veering back and forth between moderate and severe drought at the moment–and spring is usually one of our rainiest seasons.  Still, despite the dryness, on an overcast day, things can still look remarkably green.

This japanese maple is over 20 years old, and its foliage cascades all the way to the ground from the walled bed above.

Standing under a large Norway maple–sadly an invasive species.  They are all over our property, although someone also planted a few lovely sugar maples as well.

A large yew hedge on a neighbor’s property.

Close-up of the new growth on the yew.

This spruce on a neighbor’s property definitely makes me feel as if I’m living in the Pacific Northwest on foggy, gray day.

These look so fuzzy you almost want to cuddle them. They do get prickly fast.

Hydrangea foliage.  The foliage on the solid colored plant,’Pia’ has been stunted by the drought.  More about that Friday.

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