Wordless Wednesday–May Flowers

Tree peony

Close-up of the flower

A tiarella in my “former shade garden.” So many trees came down it’s now in full blazing sun.  Hope it likes dry sun as much as it liked dry shade!  This is a native, by the way.

This is an accidental planting, left over from when I had a lot more bulbs (and fewer hungry deer).  Most likely it works because the bulbs are right by some chives, which deer don’t care for.  I’ve ripped out the rest of the bulbs, which usually decline of some disease or other in my heavy clay.  These are quite old, maybe 10 years or so, and haven’t yet succumbed.

This is one of my Proven Winners test shrubs, a double-flowering quince, in scarlet.

Lupines don’t grow well for me.  This is a neighbor’s.  I see it’s new for her this year.  I hope she has better luck.  She’s a fabulous gardener so if it’s going to grow for anyone, it will be her!

One of the benefits of our cooler nights is that the flowering shrubs have held their flowers much longer than usual (even if we’re freezing!).  The hot pink azalea in front is a non-native; the flame azalea in back in a native deciduous azalea–both on another neighbor’s property.  I am blessed to have neighbors with great gardens!

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