Until This Spring, I Hated This Shrub

And I mean hated, with a capital H.  I wouldn’t have chainsawed anyone else’s plant down, mind you, but when I was actively involved in selling I always tried to discourage sales of this plant in favor of something else–I saw it as a weedy mess that was in constant need of pruning and thinning to look decent.

When my new neighbors behind me mowed down the forsythia hedge that was there about 10 years ago I wasn’t the least disappointed.  Their neighbor was however–it turned out that the hedge was his.  Excellent reason to determine your boundary lines before doing any cutting.  And sadly, the thing is now about 5′ tall again, and rangier than all get out because it’s a plant in the wrong place–under maple trees.

This spring, however, I’ve simply fallen in love with these plants.  Don’t get my wrong–I am not running to the  garden center to buy any.  They’re not native and I only plant natives or edibles on my land now.  But as I drive around my town and the neighboring towns, every time I see one, my heart just gets happy and it puts a smile on my face.  It must be the particular place I’m in this spring.

So it just goes to show, even hardened plant-haters can be reformed, if, perhaps, only for a season (we’ll see about next year).  It helps that the example in my photo has been left more or less in a natural state and not “lollipopped” into something peculiar.

As I always say, if we all liked the same thing, we’d have a very boring world!

My favorite yellow spring shrub is about to bloom as well.  It’ll be up in photos shortly.

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