Wordless Wednesday

For the longest time I had no Phalaenopsis.  Then, one winter, I was desperate for color and I picked one up.  You can see I’ve picked up a few more since.

What I adore about them is that they bloom forever.  The one in the back on the right literally bloomed for 11 months–and when the last bloom fell off, that spike set this new spike.  How can you not love this?

And, I’m sorry to say, this was not an expensive orchid–it was one of the “ice” orchids from Home Depot.  In fact, 3 of these are the infamous “Ice” orchids from either Home Depot or a grocery store.  The other 2 come from garden centers.

And mine get tough love–water every week or two–when they need it.  And east windows.  And they’ve now survived two extended cold spells, one with temperatures below 50 and the other with temperatures in the low 50s.  So they’re much tougher than they look!

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